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William W. McGinnis, CFA

Securities & Investments Expert

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Securities Expert Witness


The securities industry is large, diverse, and a driving force behind the success of this country. While there are highly-publicized stories about criminal, negligent, and otherwise undesirable behavior in the industry, on the whole, the system works honestly and credibly.


However, when investments go wrong or appear to have gone wrong, it's beneficial to bring in an expert. Bill is available to discuss the particulars of your case and assist in evaluating your options.


Bill works with both plaintiff and defense attorneys on both court cases and FINRA arbitrations. He is available to clients nationwide and sometimes works internationally.


If you need clear, considered, professional guidance related to your case, Bill can assist you. His objectivity and perspective based on a long, successfull securities career will help you fully understand the merits of your case.
















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