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William W. McGinnis, CFA

Securities & Investments Expert

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Securities Expert Witness - Bill McGinnis, CFA

As a securities expert witness, William W. McGinnis, CFA, brings 30+ years of securities background, exceptional credentials, 10+ years of expert witness experience, and substantial testimony experience.


Bill's background as an investment advisor / portfolio manager, investment analyst, investment banker, and business consultant brings a unique set of skills to securities cases. He has been licensed as a registered representative / stock broker / financial advisor, has experience working for both buy-side and sell-side investment firms, and is on the exam-writing team for the Series 63, 65, and 66 securities licenses. He is one of the very few securities professionals awarded the CFA designation who are available as a securities expert witness.

He is a trained professional speaker and has been involved in education and training for over 30 years.

You may want to contact Bill to discuss the following cases:

·  Suitability of Investments

·  Breach of Fiduciary Duty

·  Standards of Practice

·  Professional Conduct

·  Failure to Supervise

·  Failure to Execute Orders

·  Conflicts of Interest

·  Breach of Contract

·  Excessive Trading / Churning

·  Asset Manager Breaches

·  Investment Research

·  Investment Analysis

·  Portfolio Management

·  Securities Trading

·  Asset Allocation

·  Asset Selection

·  Trading Issues

·  Broker Negligence

·  Investment Appropriateness

·  Securities Fraud

·  Stock Fraud

·  Accounting Fraud

·  Insider Trading

·  Investment Banking

·  Securities Offerings

·  Regulatory Compliance Issues

·  Securities / FINRA Abritration



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